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Sorting of RNAs to specific subcellular loci occurs in diverse settings from fly oocytes to mammalian neurons. Using the membrane-permeable nucleic acid stain SYTO 14, we directly visualized the translocation of endogenous RNA in living cells. Labeled RNA was distributed nonrandomly as discrete granules in neuronal processes. The labeled granules(More)
The growth of an axon toward its target results from the reorganization of the cytoskeleton in response to environmental guidance cues. Recently developed imaging technology makes it possible to address the effect of such cues on the neural cytoskeleton directly. Although high resolution studies can be carried out on neurons in vitro, these circumstances do(More)
Conventional myosin II plays a fundamental role in the process of cytokinesis where, in the form of bipolar thick filaments, it is thought to be the molecular motor that generates the force necessary to divide the cell. In Dictyostelium, the formation of thick filaments is regulated by the phosphorylation of three threonine residues in the tail region of(More)
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