J. H. Ning

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The control over the alignment of nanoparticles within a block copolymer matrix was investigated for different external magnetic fields with respect to producing well-aligned, highly oriented metal-oxide-polymer nanopatterns. Hybrid films were prepared by solution casting under a range of external magnetic fields. The nano- and microstructure of maghemite(More)
We show that a structure with a fibrillar surface terminated by a continuous film can be switched between two metastable states. The first state, in which the film is stretched between fibrils, has previously been shown to have strongly enhanced adhesion compared to an unstructured flat control. In the second state, the film collapses onto the substrate(More)
Numerical simulation on electrical heating pool boiling heat transfer with CO2 as refrigerant outside a horizontal tube is carried. A voltage-controlled heating method has been used in the experiment, with the advantages of good stability and adjustability of the experimental heat flux density. After a series of preliminary calculation and pre-work,(More)
Superabsorbent is a kind of new material and widely used in daily life which can absorb and hold a large amount of water ever under pressure. Many efforts has been directed to the use of superabsorbent resin which can significantly improve the water content of soil, volume expansion rate, total porosity and capillary porosity and soil structure, and also(More)
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