J. H. Moolman

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The effect of varying irrigation return flow volumes as a possible explanation for the fluctuations in the mean monthly baseflow TDS content of a tributary in the Breë River Valley (South-Western Cape Province, Rep. of South Africa) has been investigated. A conceptual computer model was used to simulate the movement of water and solutes in 769 ha of soil in(More)
The unsaturated flow and unsaturated chemistry submodels of a conceptual computer simulation model, developed at the United States Bureau of Reclamation to predict water and salt behaviour in soils, were tested under field conditions. The comparison of results was done with data obtained from an irrigation trial with alfalfa over a period of four years. The(More)
Recent studies conducted in the Breë River Valley in South Africa, have indicated that the return flow from the flood irrigated soils (using saline borehole water) add substantially to the salt load of the receiving river. In the present study an irrigation return flow model, developed at the USBR, was used to predict what the effect of a change in(More)
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