J H M te Brake

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Social stress in rats is known to induce long-lasting, adverse changes in behaviour and physiology, which seem to resemble certain human psychopathologies, such as depression and anxiety. The present experiment was designed to assess the influence of individual or group housing on the vulnerability of male Wildtype rats to long-term effects of inescapable(More)
This experiment was designed to examine circadian rhythmicity of cortisol in saliva of growing pigs, in relation to age, gender, and (time of) stressor application. Additionally, the acute cortisol response to a stressor was studied. Five groups, each consisting of 3 barrows and 3 gilts, were involved in the experiment. In a Control Group, saliva samples(More)
The present experiment studied the acute and long-term stress responses of reactive and proactive prepubertal gilts to social isolation. Gilts with either reactive or proactive features were identified according to behavioral resistance in a backtest at a young age (2-4 days), respectively being low (LR) and high resistant (HR) in this test. At 7 weeks of(More)
OBJECTIVES To extend our knowledge about the applicability of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) among dentists and to investigate trends in burnout risk among dental professionals. METHODS The structure of the MBI is examined among two independent, representative samples of dentists (n = 493 and 497, respectively). Moreover, results are compared to(More)
A double reciprocal translocation has been found in a morphologically normal but infertile bull (Bos taurus), using trypsin-Giemsa banding. The karyotype of the bull can be written as: 60,XY,t(2q-;20q+),t(8q-;27q+). Cytophotometric studies supported the findings in the karyograms and identified the breakpoints in the chromosomes involved. The possible(More)
OBJECTIVE Concept mapping is a method for developing a conceptual framework of a complex topic for use as a guide to evaluation or planning. In concept mapping, thoughts and ideas are represented in the form of a picture or map, the content of which is determined by a group of stakeholders. This study aimed to explore the suitability of this method as a(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure burnout development, outcome of expectations with regard to dental career and feelings of being unprepared for practice among newly graduated general dental practitioners. METHODS In 1997, 50 dentists were approached to fill in the Maslach Burnout Inventory, Dutch version (UBOS) and some additional variables between six months and(More)
Data of Breeuwsma (1970) were analyzed in an attempt to discriminate between major gene vs. multifactorial modes of inheritance of intersexuality in swine. Of 3708 females, 160 were intersexes with external phenotypes ranging from normal female (normal overlap) to testicular pseudohermaphrodite. Environment (litter size, parity, hormone treatment of dam)(More)
AIM To develop an instrument measuring job resources among dentists, and to assess the relative importance of these resources and relate them to job satisfaction. METHODS 848 Dutch general dental practitioners (GDPs) received a questionnaire to monitor work experiences, including the Dentists' Experienced Job Resources Scale (DEJRS, 46 items, score range:(More)
Observations from a study of the development of ovulations into embryos for Texel sheep are analysed with a model for count data that are under- or overdispersed relative to binomial variation. The analysis is based on maximum quasi-likelihood (McCullagh and Nelder, 1989, Generalized Linear Models, 2nd edition, London: Chapman and Hall), following an(More)