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OBJECTIVES To compare the reliability, validity, and responsiveness of the motor subscale of the functional independence measure (FIM), the original 10 item Barthel index (BI), and the 5 item short form BI (BI-5) in inpatients with stroke receiving rehabilitation. METHODS 118 inpatients with stroke at a rehabilitation unit participated in the study. The(More)
High-intensity noises are a health hazard for industrial workers, and hearing protection is necessary to prevent hearing loss. Passive methods, such as ear muffs, are ineffective against low-frequency noise. Moreover, many hearing-impaired workers must wear hearing aids to enable communication at their workplace, and such aids can amplify ambient noise. To(More)
Thirty male volunteers participated in a study evaluating the effect of workspace envelope (work height and reach distance) and handle orientation on grip force capacity. Maximum voluntary power grip exertions were recorded using instrumented tool handles under three conditions: a pistol grip tool handle oriented horizontally and vertically and a right(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate prospectively the frequency and clinical determinants of poststroke dementia (PSD) in a cohort of consecutive ischemic stroke inpatients in southern Taiwan. METHODS A standard stroke evaluation protocol was conducted at admission and 3 months after an ischemic stroke. The protocol included clinical, neurologic, neurobehavioral,(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of Cerebral Palsy Quality of Life for Children (CP QOL-Child) questionnaire. We performed forward (into Chinese) and backward translation of the CP QOL-Child for: (1) the primary caregiver form (for parents of children with CP aged 4-12 years); and (2) the child(More)
  • Sersa G, Jarm T Kotnik, Secerov A, Cemazar M, Nikfarjam M Muralidharan, Malcontenti-Wilson C +148 others
  • 2009
(2008). Vascular disrupting action of electroporation and electrochemotherapy with bleomycin in murine sarcoma. receptor agonist IRL 1620 is highly vasoconstrictive in two syngeneic rat tumour lines: potential for selective tumour blood flow modification. (2005). Progressive microvascular injury in liver and colorectal liver metastases following laser(More)
Powered hand tools produce reaction forces that may be associated with upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders. The handle displacement, grip force and upper limb muscle activity (electromyography (EMG)) due to the effects of operator experience, working height and distance, type of tool and fastener joint hardness were measured in this study with 15(More)
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