J. H. Labuscagne

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Focal spinal cord lesions have been present in all previously reported cases of MRI appearances in myelopathy complicating vitamin B12 deficiency. We describe two further cases showing mild atrophy only and review the salient features of the previous 11 publications. MRI findings reflect quite closely the known pathological changes in this condition.
Neurotropic vaccine strains of African horsesickness (AHS) virus types 1 and 6 were implicated as the possible aetiological agents in 4 cases of encephalitis and uveochorioretinitis in laboratory workers accidentally exposed to the freeze-dried vaccine preparations of the virus. To date, AHS virus has not been known to infect man. To ascertain whether or(More)
This report describes five patients with intracranial tuberculosis (TB): four with tuberculous meningitis and one with intracranial tuberculomas. In all cases the diagnosis was confirmed by excision biopsy of an enlarged cervical or axillary lymph node. The biopsies showed caseating granulomas and acid fast bacilli, confirming the diagnosis of TB within 48(More)
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