J. H. Kremers

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Introduction A central scientific goal of image understanding research is to investigate ways of bringing diverse sources of knowledge to bear on the problem of interpreting images. An important source of knowledge used by humans in the interpretation of aerial photographs is the topographic map. This paper describes some initial experiments in the use of(More)
This project deals with gathering Intelligence about IT Security incidents by mining data originating from the public Web. Our aim is to propose the architecture of a software system that is able to collect, preprocess and mine public information as well as alert and assess the threat level. A small Proof of Concept implementation for the proposed System(More)
Joost Kremers-Practical hacking AES using the S-box weakness-2 Foreword I would like to thank the Radboud University Nijmegen (RUN), for giving me the chance to study what I am interested in. The courses I followed at the RUN were highly useful in the pursuit of this thesis. Also I would like to a extend a special thanks to my classmates for helping me when(More)
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