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In a previous study (Kellgren and Bier, 1956), three sets of x rays of the hands were used to assess interand intra-observer differences in interpreting changes of rheumatoid arthritis. Wide disagreement between observers was found, and it was concluded that, to ensure maximum uniformity in grading x rays in field surveys and therapeutic trials, all(More)
a study was made of interand intra-observer differences in grading hand films for rheumatoid arthritis during the course of therapeutic trials and field surveys. This study indicated that standards used so far in grading x-ray changes for rheumatoid arthritis in field surveys in Leigh and South Wales did not differ greatly from the mean values given by(More)
This study of osteo-arthrosis, or degenerative joint disease, is based on the same survey material as the corresponding paper on rheumatoid arthritis (Kellgren and Lawrence, 1956). A one-in-ten random sample of the population aged 55-64 years in the Lancashire town of Leigh was studied clinically, radiologically, and serologically for all forms of(More)