J H Hulshof

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We consider a model for non-static groundwater flow where the saturation-pressure relation is extended by a dynamic term. This approach together with a convective term due to gravity, results in a pseudo-parabolic Burgers type equation. We give a rigorous study of global travelling wave solutions, with emphasis on the role played by the dynamic term and the(More)
Agonists for the 5-hydroxytryptamine (HT)(1A) receptor induce a hypothermic response that is believed to occur by lowering of the body's set-point temperature. We have developed a physiological model that can be used to predict the complex time course of the hypothermic response after administration of 5-HT(1A) agonists to rats. In the model, 5-HT(1A)(More)
Four elderly patients with inclusion body myositis and dysphagia are described. Dysphagia was the presenting symptom in three, preceding generalised weakness by 1.5 to 7 years. Myotomy of the cricopharyngeal muscle improved the symptoms and signs in 3 of the 4 patients. It is suggested that inclusion body myositis is not an infrequent cause of dysphagia in(More)
Although tinnitus causes considerable suffering to many patients, its loudness is small in most cases. Traditionally the loudness is measured with a binaural loudness balance procedure. It is stated that when there is recruitment in the ear to which the test tone is presented, the intensity of the test tone is smaller than its loudness. Therefore in the(More)
1. Introduction. In this paper we are interested in travelling wave solutions u = u(x; t) of the