J H Dwyer

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This study used Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate the performance of alternative models for the analysis of group-randomized trials having more than two time intervals for data collection. The major distinction among the models tested was the sampling variance of the intervention effect. In the mixed-model ANOVA, the sampling variance of the intervention(More)
A series of four articles on the "other side" of the brain has been published in this journal by Dr. Joseph Bogen and his colleagues (1, 2, 3, 4). The first three of these are rapidly becoming minor classics for those of us interested in hemispheric specialization. However, the fourth article reports a combination of sociologic and neurologic observations(More)
The lateral eye movements of 24 college students were videotaped as they reflected on spatial and analytical questions. As predicted, participants with more initial movements to the left had significantly higher scores on the leftist (or humanistic) index of the Tomkin's Polarity Scale. The direction of this relationship was reversed for the rightist index(More)
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