J-H Bouleau

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INTRODUCTION The question of the course of schizophrenia relapses, is of considerable interest in different clinical and social areas such as prognosis, quality of life, therapeutic relationship, psychoeducation, rehabilitation and so on. The more the schizophrenic relapses, the higher the level of handicap. Although there is a widespread agreement that it(More)
There are many pharmacological strategies in order to manage depressed patients with treatment resistance. Combined antidepressants therapy is currently prescribed, mostly for depressions which resist to a single antidepressant, or to another therapeutic, such as electric-convulsive-therapy. Combined treatments are usually considered to have a more rapid(More)
The authors have studied the characteristics of a group of chronic crisis patients among those who were treated in the psychiatric emergency unit of René-Dubos General Hospital (Pontoise, France). The population was defined as patients who visited the unit four times or more during one year (from 01/07/1991 to 30/06/1992). These 70 patients represent 4.3%(More)
CASE-REPORT A thirty-seven-year-old man, with temporal epilepsy, had transient, atypical psychiatric states with periods of time without any symptom. These episodes included hypersexuality with qualitative changes of sex drive, obscene behavior, exhibitionism, masturbation and modified sexual orientation. Blunted affect, inability to recognize significant(More)
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