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Five different enzyme activities were estimated in ejaculates obtained from 96 men visiting our infertility clinic. Sperm count showed a significant positive correlation with aspartate-aminotransferase (GOT) and alanine-aminotransferase (GPT). Acid phosphatase was positively correlated with gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGTP) and citrate and negatively(More)
The fertility of 742 men visiting our male infertility clinic was studied. A comparison was made between patients operated on for varicocele and patients treated in other ways. Of the men with a varicocele, 37.8% impregnated their partners; of the men without a varicocele, 21.5%. By subdivision of the total group of patients into those with sperm counts(More)
Three different methods to obtain "oligospermic" rats were investigated. (1) Surgical reduction of the amount of tubular tissue diminished the number of spermatozoa present in the epididymis, but the animals were not infertile as long as they were able to ejaculate (32/33 rats). (2) Treatment with oestradiol benzoate on the 5th day after birth caused only(More)
Fifty-nine carefully selected oligozoospermic men were randomly treated with mesterolone (75 mg/day) or placebo to improve fertility. After 6 months the medication was changed from mesterolone to placebo or vice versa. Fourteen pregnancies occurred, 7 under mesterolone and 7 under placebo. A testicular biopsy score was of prognostic value: the men who(More)