J. Guerrero

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Hydrothermal vents jetting out water at 380 degrees +/- 30 degrees C have been discovered on the axis of the East Pacific Rise. The hottest waters issue from mineralized chimneys and are blackened by sulfide precipitates. These hydrothermal springs are the sites of actively forming massive sulfide mineral deposits. Cooler springs are clear to milky and(More)
Landscape evolution and depositional processes in the Miocene Amazonian Pebas lake/wetland system: evidence from exploratory boreholes in northeastern Peru. This study of the type and scales of depositional processes and landscape development in western Am-azonia during the Miocene is based on the description and interpretation of three boreholes from the(More)
During Deep Sea Drilling Project-International Program of Ocean Drilling leg 64, December 1978 to January 1979, the initial test of the Deep Sea Drilling Project's hydraulic piston corer obtained an almost undisturbed section from a 152-meter hole into the sediments of the oxygen minimum zone at a depth of 655 meters along the Guaymas slope in the central(More)
We compute the emission of gravitational radiation from the merging of a close white dwarf binary system. This is done for a wide range of masses and compositions of the white dwarfs, ranging from mergers involving two He white dwarfs, mergers in which two CO white dwarfs coalesce to mergers in which a massive ONe white dwarf is involved. In doing so we(More)
Vertical migration by infective larvae (L3) of 3 species of nematodes was investigated. Upright truncated agarose cones were used to test upward migration, and comparable truncated cone-shaped agarose hollows were used to test downward migration. Flat agarose plates were control surfaces. When placed at the bases of upright cones, 74% of Ancylostoma caninum(More)
GaN-on-Si power devices have advantages in both performance and the potential for low cost and high volume production. Advances have been made in extended reliability tests exhibiting an intrinsic life time &gt;10<sup>6</sup> hours for qualified 600-V GaN HEMT products. Experimental kV-class devices have shown CW operation at 800V with &gt;99% efficiency at(More)
The main purpose of my talk in this conference on Language Teacher Education is to highlight teachers " classroom projects as evidences of social transformation. want to emphasize that critical approaches to language education require commitment to social transformation. Thus, teachers, researchers, teacher-educators and students might assume active roles(More)
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