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Seeking Safety is an integrated coping skills therapy for substance use disorder (SUD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our aim was to examine the effects of Seeking Safety in a sample of female German outpatients with current SUD and PTSD. A total of 53 women were offered 12 weekly sessions of Seeking Safety, conducted in group modality. Women(More)
In view of the fact that many reports have been published that emphasize the difficult conditions of the German psychotherapy training, the aim of this study was to investigate psychotherapy trainees´ work stress as well as work-related psychosocial risks and resources. Variables of interest were work-related behaviour and experience patterns (AVEM),(More)
This paper deals with numerical modeling of groundwater systems. Ensuring the sustainability of an aquifer's yield is one of the fundamental tasks for nowadays groundwater management, especially within agriculturally used regions. Within the context of the research project " International Water Research Alliance Saxony " (Kalbus et al., 2011, submitted),(More)
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