J Goudswaard

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We propose an alternative parameterization of seismic reflectors in the subsurface, in terms of selfsimilar singularities, which are generalizations of stepfunctions. This parameterization captures the multi-scale behavior of real sonic P-wave velocity logs, as can be derived by performing modulus maxima analysis on wavelet-transformed well-logs. Results on(More)
Serum samples and immunoglobulin fractions of eight mammalian species were applied to a Sepharose--protein A column. As with the human immunoglobulin subclasses IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4, all examined IgG classes and subclasses were bound to a greater or lesser extent to protein A. However, the binding of IgG1 of ruminants was very poor. Polyclonal IgM and IgA of(More)
Sera from 775 adult milking cattle on 13 farms in Friesland and from 359 of the same cattle taken during the following year, were examined for evidence of infection with M johnei by the complement fixation, fluorescent antibody, haemagglutination, haemagglutination-lysis and immunodiffusion tests. Eighteen animals, not clinically affected but which had(More)
It is demonstrated that previously described PDF1-A antigens from pigeon dropping extract contain pigeon IgA. The sera of patients with pigeon breeders' disease contain precipitating antibodies against pigeon IgA, in contrast to the sera of pigeon breeders suffering from unrelated forms of pulmonary dysfunction. The degree of complement consumption by PDF1A(More)
High titers cold agglutinins were demonstrated in the serum of a 7 year old female toy Pinscher with a hemolytic anemia. In vitro, the serum did not show distinct hemolytic properties, but it fixed complement components to both the patient's own red cells and randomly sampled canine erythrocytes and agglutinated these cells at high dilutions at low(More)