J. Goold

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The practical untenability of the quasi-static assumption makes any realistic engine intrinsically irreversible and its operating time finite, thus implying friction effects at short cycle times. An important technological goal is thus the design of maximally efficient engines working at the maximum possible power. We show that, by utilising shortcuts to(More)
Maxwell's daemon is a popular personification of a principle connecting information gain and extractable work in thermodynamics. A Szilard Engine is a particular hypothetical realization of Maxwell's daemon, which is able to extract work from a single thermal reservoir by measuring the position of particle(s) within the system. Here we investigate the role(More)
The Fermi-edge singularity and the Anderson orthogonality catastrophe describe the universal physics which occurs when a Fermi sea is locally quenched by the sudden switching of a scattering potential, leading to a brutal disturbance of its ground state. We demonstrate that the effect can be seen in the controllable domain of ultracold trapped gases by(More)
Many biological electron transfer (ET) reactions are mediated by metal centres in proteins. NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) contains an intramolecular chain of seven iron-sulphur (FeS) clusters [1], one of the longest chains of metal centres in biology and a test case for physical models of intramolecular ET. In biology, intramolecular ET is(More)
  • William T Hogarth, Whitlow Au, Kenneth Balcomb, Ted Cranford, Diane Dalecki, Tony Eller +22 others
  • 2002
Disclaimer: Workshop participants and sponsors intend this document to serve as the basis for planning and follow-up actions only. This report summarizes discussions among scientists about processes that may cause beaked whales to strand in the presence of active sonar, and the research projects and other actions that are most needed on this subject. This(More)
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