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The UTOPIA project (Usable Technology for Older People—Inclusive and Appropriate) is focused on developing effective methods for the early involvement of older people in the development of information technology-related products for people aged 60 and over, and on providing industry with tools to assist in the development of information technology products(More)
There are few guidelines on how to involve older people in the design process of new IT related products. In this paper we describe some of the difficulties encountered when working with older people, and introduce the concept of mutual inspiration, illustrated by our experiences. We argue that mutual inspiration can provide a way to make interactions with(More)
Older people are an important and growing sector of the population, of whom the numbers who use computers are increasing rapidly. Yet their requirements are not often considered in the design of computer systems and software, and as a result they often find them difficult to use. In order to include them effectively, it is first necessary to find out more(More)
Dedicated mobile devices have considerable potential for supporting older people in their day-today lives; devices such as memory aids, security alarms and navigation aids gain much of their utility from the security they provide by being with the user all the time. The imperative for developing such devices stems not only from their potential for(More)
Older people are an important and growing sector of the population, yet are often excluded by design. It is important to find out more about this user group so that they can be included effectively. As a first step towards this, we carried out a questionnaire and interview study in Scotland with 353 participants over the age of 50, investigating their use(More)
A key aspect of staying connected is the ability to travel and visit friends and family, yet mobile situations often pose difficulties for the older population. In this paper, we discuss how technology can support older people on the move, describing work which we have done and are doing in this area and outlining some of the challenges that lie ahead. We(More)
In order to make a real difference to the products and services available to older people, we need to influence and equip those who design these products in practice. In particular, these designers need information about the end users. This paper discusses different formats that can be used to provide this information, such as personas, detailed disability(More)