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A computer program named MSEQ, based on graph theory has been implemented to aid the sequencing of peptides from collision-activated decomposition (CAD) spectra. Input data required by this program are: the molecular weight of the peptide, the list of the masses of the daughter ions and the masses of the N- and C-terminal groups. The output comprises a list(More)
This paper describes a robust and self-consistent high-intensity-discharge (HID)-lamp model implemented on a vendor-supplied computational platform. The model includes a one-dimensional representation of the sheath in the near-cathode region, which allows one to join solutions in the plasma and in the cathode body and thus to self-consistently determine the(More)
Given an undirected finite graph G = (V, E ) with node set V and edge set E , a matching Z of G is a subset of E such that no node is incident with more than one edge in Z . The maximum matching problem is to find a matching having a maximum number of edges. This problem has long been studied, and most of the written work related to it is based on the(More)
A new timing system has been developed for the NASA deep space network (DSN) and is currently in the final stages of integration, testing and implementation in all three DSN sites. The DSN is a distributed antenna network for deep space communication, whose facilities are continuously engaged in spacecraft tracking, very long baseline interferometry (VLBI)(More)
In this communication a conceptual algorithm is proposed for the market coupling process in the presence of block orders. The basic idea is to use the Lagrangian relaxation to get a decomposition of the problem that emulates the necessary decentralization process. The feasibility of this procedure is analysed using a simplified model of the problem. In(More)
In this work is presented an architecture for a Cell Switch Fabric, which has a modular structure with a chip partioning oriented to avoid that the system fall down totally, achieving expandability and increasing reuse. Different algorithms for the bus assignment are discussed in this paper, and the common bus is assigned in a cyclic and rotative way and(More)
This paper presents preliminary results from a power quality audit conducted at a high-tech campus over last year. Voltage and current were measured at various R&D buildings; it was found that the main problems for the equipment installed were voltage sags and surges. The paper examines the causes and effects of power disturbances that affect computer or(More)