J. Gonzalez-Gomez

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Complex modular robots can be constructed by means of simple modules. There is no geometric superior size to the total number of modules that can be added. The number of possible configurations growth exponentially. However, an inferior limit exists: the minimum number of modules needed to achieve the locomotion. In this paper, three minimal configurations(More)
— This paper presents modular robots for grasping manipulation with locomotion capability. At the beginning, a brief overview on hyper-redundant and modular grasping approach is given. The innovations of this research lie in two points. Firstly, different grasping modes are integrated based on modular approach. Then manipulation capability of robotic arms(More)
Prey capture is a determinant aspect in arachnid sociality, since cooperative hunting allows the individuals access to very large prey. Although this behavior has been extensively studied in some spiders, the knowledge about some minor groups such as pseudoscorpions is still scarce. The aim of this study was to analyze diet composition, prey selectivity and(More)
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