J. González-Hernández

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The aim is to compare the mean values of the in vivo electrical characteristics of bioiogical active points (BAPs) with those of the surrounding human skin. The impedance measurements at BAPs and on the surrounding skin are carried out in vivo on ten young, healthy people. The results of the measurements show that the BAP resistance RP is smaller, and the(More)
The synthesis, characterization and degradation of a hybrid chitosan (CTS)/glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) material are reported. These versatile materials (natural-synthetic materials) are potential candidates for dental restoratives. All materials were characterized by infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), X-ray diffraction and thermal (DSC) analysis. Particular(More)
The aim of the work was to use impedance measurements to find the location of nerves under the human skin. In vivo impedance measurements were performed on exposed nervous and muscular tissues of rats. Similarly, the impedance measurements were also performed on the skin of six men, over the median nerve at the wrist, as well as 4–5 mm away from this(More)
The optical characieristics (irünsniission and rellection. absorpiion and scatiering coeilicienis) of the Si iianowires ohtaiiied by electrocheiiiical rrratnieiii of Si wakrs were studied experimenrally in spectral range 350 750 nrn. usiiig the differeni arigles ol'incidencr aiid iiiasuring h e aiiyiilar diwihution of the rellected (scattered) lighi.(More)
In this study the effect of calcium absorption on some physical properties and composition of rat femurs was evaluated, comparing rats fed with raw whole corn (RC), tortillas made from extruded masa with 0.25% lime content (TEWL) and without lime (TE), and nixtamal tortillas (NT). The diets were formulated to contain the same amount of protein, oil, fiber,(More)
The preparation of stable, uniformed silver nanoparticles by the reduction of silver ions using albumin is reported in the present paper. It is a simple process for obtaining silver nanoparticles. The samples have been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), which reveal the nature of the nanoparticles. These(More)
Aquaponics has been considered as having great potential as an organic production method of aquatic organisms and vegetables, because the nutrient-rich water from aquatic organisms is utilized for plant growth. The essential elements of an aquaponic system consist of the following five: a tank to maintain aquatic organisms; a clarifier or sedimentation; a(More)
Cylindrical nanostructures, namely, nanowires and pores, with rectangular and circular cross section are examined using mirror boundary conditions to solve the Schrödinger equation, within the effective mass approximation. The boundary conditions are stated as magnitude equivalence of electron's Ψ function in an arbitrary point inside a three-dimensional(More)
This paper is dedicated to study the thin polycrystalline films of semiconductor chalcogenide materials (CdS, CdSe, and PbS) obtained by ammonia-free chemical bath deposition. The obtained material is of polycrystalline nature with crystallite of a size that, from a general point of view, should not result in any noticeable quantum confinement.(More)