J. Giamouris

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Denatured radioiodinated human serum albumin (DHA) clearance studies at a dose of 1 mg/kg body wt., were carried out in 16 thalassemic children, prior to and 7–10 days following blood transfusion, to investigate changes of the effective RES blood flow which might accompany the posttransfusion spleen size diminution. A statistically significant increase(More)
The weighted least squares analysis (WLS) was compared with the commonly used least squares analysis in the fitting of radioactivity data to an exponential equation. The results show that the two methods present the same accuracy in estimating the parameters of exponential functions, while the WLS analysis offers a much higher reliability, permitting a(More)
In order to investigate the effect of blood transfusion on the RE cell function in thalassemia major, 14 children with homozygous beta thalassemia were studied prior to and 7 to 10 d following blood transfusion, when, according to previous studies, spleen reaches its minimum size. The denatured human albumin (DHA) low and large dose clearance techniques(More)
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