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An S-Band high linearity and Low Noise PHEMT MMIC Amplifier for general application and WiMax band is demonstrated. This two-stage amplifier is designed to fully match for a 50 ohm input and output impedance. The amplifier has achieved 19dB small-signal gain, a noise figure of 1.3 dB, and a 24dBm 1-dB gain compression power. In addition, high linearity with(More)
Among wireless system designers and practitioners there exists a degree of confusion concerning the definitions, constraints, and numerical values related to the transition between and boundaries of antennas' near and far diffraction regions. This work provides a critical review of popular misconceptions regarding this problem, investigates important(More)
Our study shows that the antenna of the hornet is densely covered from base to tip with six types of organulles, namely, a trichoid organulle, about 23 microm in length, a campaniform organulle which is 12 microm long, a heretofore undescribed structure measuring about 9 microm in length which we have now named the Agmon organulle, a rather flattened(More)
Abstruct-Single-tone spurious STS effects may disturb the operation of radio systems. Therefore, it is very useful for reliability purposes to develop a realistic computation method which presents for each desired receiver channel a list of STS prohibited frequencies. A previous developed STS computation method, is significantly improved by applying the(More)
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