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Nuclei were isolated from porcine endometrium of castrated pigs either unexposed or exposed to estradiol in vivo by two techniques, one of which included a hypotonic step. Aliquots were analyzed for estradiol content. Receptor was extracted from buffered, Surfynol-stabilized suspensions by either (a) KCl alone, (b) in combination with dithiothreitol, or (c)(More)
Polar metabolites extracted from the effluents of viable porcine uterine strips superfused with either 6,7-3H-estrone or 6,7-3H-estradiol were identified as a 1:1 mixture of 6 alpha-hydroxyestrone and 7 alpha-hydroxyestrone by paper chromatography in various systems, derivatization and crystallizations to a constant specific activity. The hydroxylated(More)
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