J. García-López

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Arynes participate in three-component coupling reactions with N, S, P, and Se functionalities to yield 1,2-heteroatom-difunctionalized arenes. Using 2-iodophenyl arylsulfonates as benzyne precursors, we could effectively add magnesiated S-, Se-, and N-nucleophilic components to the strained triple bond. In the same pot, addition of electrophilic N, S, or P(More)
Three orthogonal cascade CH functionalization processes are described, based on ruthenium-catalyzed CH alkenylation. 1-Indanones, indeno indenes, and indeno furanones were accessed through cascade pathways by using arylacetophenones as substrates under conditions of catalytic [{Ru(p-cymene)Cl2 }2 ] and stoichiometric Cu(OAc)2 . Each transformation uses(More)
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