J Gabarró-Arpa

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The DNA duplex 5' d(GCCACCAGCTC)-d(GAGCTGGTGGC) corresponds to the sequence 29 to 39 of the K-ras gene, which contains a hot spot for mutations. This has been studied by one and two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance, energy minimization and molecular dynamics. The results show that it adopts a globally B-DNA type structure. We have introduced, at the(More)
We have written a programming language OCL (Object Command Language) to solve, in a general way, two recurring problems that arise during the construction of molecular models and during the geometrical characterization of macromolecules: how to move precisely and reproducibly any part of a molecular model in any user-defined local reference axes; and how to(More)
We have determined by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance studies and molecular mechanics calculations the three dimensional solution structure of the non-selfcomplementary oligonucleotide, d(GAGGAGGCACG). d(CGTGCGTCCTC) in which the central base pair is G.G. This is the first structural determination of a G.G mismatch in a oligonucleotide. Two(More)
We have determined by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance studies and molecular mechanics calculations the three-dimensional solution structure of a 21 residue oligonucleotide capable of forming a hairpin structure with a loop of three thymidine residues. This structure is in equilibrium with a duplex form. At 33 degrees C, low ionic strength and in(More)
In a previous publication (Ph. Cuniasse, L.C. Sowers, R. Eritja, B. Kaplan, M.F. Goodman, J.A.H. Cognet, M. Le Bret, W. Guschlbauer and G.V. Fazakerley, Biochemistry 28, 2018 (1989), we determined by two dimensional NMR studies and molecular mechanics calculations the three-dimensional structure of a non-selfcomplementary oligonucleotide: [sequence; see(More)
We have studied the binding of the hybrid netropsin-flavin (Net-Fla) molecule onto four sequences containing four A. T base pairs. Molecular mechanics minimizations in vacuo show numerous minimal conformations separated by one base pair. 400 ps molecular dynamics simulations in vacuo have been performed using the lowest minima as the starting conformations.(More)
By a combination of distance constraints obtained from NMR spectra and molecular mechanics calculations we have determined the three dimensional structure of the self-complementary decanucleotide d(CGCGTm6ACGCG). Methylation of an adenine at a position 3' to T induces significant conformational changes relative to B-DNA. This arises from the close proximity(More)
We present a comparative analysis of the water organization around the dTn.dAn x dTn triple helix and the Watson-Crick double helix dTn.dAn respectively by means of gravimetric measurements, infrared spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. The hydration per nucleotide determined by gravimetric and spectroscopic methods correlated with the molecular(More)
The DNA sequences of three bacteriophages are analysed in order to localise those parts coding for a protein. A weak stability on the DNA molecule allows us to characterize the beginning and the end of genes. A survey of the codons used shows that the cause for this weak stability is the systematic use of A-T bases in third position, which is made possible(More)