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Photograph: Tobias cures his father's blindness-Bernardo Strozzi 1581–1644 [The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase 1957 Mary Wetmore Shively Bequest, in memory of her husband, Henry L. Shively] Recovery from Early Blindness-A Case Study 2 Foreword Although it is nearly 300 years since Molyneux posed his celebrated query, interest in the problem of(More)
The relationship between motives, emotions and learning in the design of intelligent systems has received relatively little consideration to date. Clarification of the relationship involves tackling fundamental questions such as the survival value or adaptive function of motives and emotions in intelligent systems, the nature of motivational and emotional(More)
Sine-wave transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) of varying frequencies applied across the cranium (ear to ear) has been demonstrated to evoke three different noncutaneous sensations in three discrete, nonoverlapping frequency bands in normal, healthy subjects. This report describes two studies which evaluate perception of these cranial(More)