J. G. Sánchez

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Microscale hydrogels have been shown to be beneficial for various applications such as tissue engineering and drug delivery. A key aspect in these applications is the spatial organization of biological entities or chemical compounds within hydrogel microstructures. For this purpose, sequentially patterned microgels can be used to spatially organize either(More)
%rpare To measure the misalignment between the comeal and crystalline lens axes relative to the visual axis. To evaluate experimental errors involved in the Purkinje I and IV Reflection Pattern Evaluation technique for the assessment of eye rotations in strabismus detection. M&&&2& Pilot measurements were made in five cyclopeged eyes (one eye per subject)(More)
Pur~osg: Nsovascular glaucoma is a severe complication of diabetic retinopathy but its natural evolution is not sufficiently known. In this paper we study the trabecular meshwork of patients who have been operated because of nsovascular glaucoma with the aim to stablish the distribution of neovessels and to understand the mechanism of formation of(More)
Purnose The incorporation of polymers into artificial tears both increases the thickness of the precorneal tear film and decreases the rate of drainaae of the for8nulations. On the basis of these effects, we hypothesized that a time study of the artificial increase in tear volume induced by such formulations could be a useful method of assessing their(More)
Purpt~sc: To design :l rcproduciblc in vitro model to study central island (Cl) formation following PRK. To investignte technical parameters offccting tbc rate and chwxtcristics ofccntrrll islrmd alicr PICK. Methods: We wed PMMA contact lenses to nwdcl the convex quasi-spherical surface of the cornea. A total of 60 lenses were ablated using 3 different(More)
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