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—In this paper an ARIMA model is used for time-series forecast involving wind speed measurements. Results are compared with the performance of a back propagation type NNT. Results show that ARIMA model is better than NNT for short time-intervals to forecast (10 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours). Data was acquired from a unit located in Southern(More)
  • Hendrik Van Der Pol, Albert Motivans, +69 authors Uruguay )-V
  • 2010
(ICT) have the potential to significantly expand learning opportunities across diverse populations. ICT enables policymakers and educators to improve the quality of teaching and learning processes, as well as learning achievements. Through the innovative use of these technologies, education institutions can help to develop and expand the production of new(More)
— Many robotics applications benefit from cooperative exploration by multiple robots. Often the environments that they operate in contain significant communication challenges due to their size or complexity. There has been much work in keeping teams of autonomously exploring robots connected to one another, but in certain environments, distant locations can(More)
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