J. G. R. C. Lopes

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OBJECTIVES The present study investigated the association between motor activity and severity of depression in 6 depressed adolescent outpatients. METHOD Motor activity was assessed by actigraphy and the severity of depression was assessed weekly using the CDRS-R. The levels of motor activity were analyzed by considering activity parameters. RESULTS(More)
The use of ontologies to express the attributes of grid resources can provide a means to explore knowledge in this environment. Unfortunately, many grid initiatives have built their own ontologies, which are incompatible with the others. To achieve interoperability, ontology merge is a very interesting alternative. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a(More)
A rare case of infantile myasthenia gravis (congenital type) is reported. The child was 16 months old at the time of the diagnosis, although she presented signs suggestive of the disease since two months earlier. The diagnosis was based solely upon clinical criteria, including immediate response to a therapeutic test with Neostigmine, followed by excellent(More)
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