J G Pritchard

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In patients with structural aberrations of the sex chromosomes a direct relation has been found between the phenotype and the extent and site of sex chromosomal deletion (Ferguson-Smith, 1965,1969). Women with deletion of the short arm of the X chromosome invariably have short stature and streak gonads, and usually have several of the other malformations of(More)
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), boric acid and tri-iodide form a characteristic blue complex. For a number of PVA samples, prescribed conditions were used to examine the precision of the formation and spectrophotometry of the complex. The precision of calibration curves was 1-2 % over the range 0-4 mg of PVA per 50 ml of final solution, over which Beer's law(More)
Formation of the red complex between poly(vinyl acetate) and iodine in the presence of iodide is quantitatively independent of the method by which the polymer is prepared. In contrast, the amount of complex formed in the case of partly hydrolysed products of poly(vinyl acetate) depends strongly on the source of this polymer and may vary from sample to(More)