J.G. Neves

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The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of image resolution manipulation on the photogrammetric measurement of the rearfoot static angle. The study design was that of a reliability study. We evaluated 19 healthy young adults (11 females and 8 males). The photographs were taken at 1536 pixels in the greatest dimension, resized into four(More)
Hi-GAL, the Herschel infrared Galactic Plane Survey, is an Open Time Key Project of the Herschel Space Observatory. It will make an unbiased photometric survey of the inner Galactic Plane by mapping a two-degree wide strip in the longitude range | l |< 60 • in five wavebands between 70µm and 500µm. The aim of Hi-GAL is to detect the earliest phases of the(More)
Many ant–plants have pubescent leaves, but the extent to which leaf trichomes enhance the defensive capabilities of ant–plants is poorly known. Here, we examined the influence of foliar trichomes and ants on herbivory in the Neotropical ant–plant Tococa guianensis. We performed a feeding preference test and a field experiment in which we manipulated the(More)
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