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CWLFM radars have become very interesting systems. Although its functioning is known long ago, some new applications have been arisen thanks to some technological improvements. These improvements allow to work in higher frequencies what gets much better operational features for this kind of systems. High frequencies facilitate to work with wider bandwidths(More)
This paper describes a novel design approach for the DDS (direct digital synthesizer) required to correct the frequency shift in the received signal of a digital OFDM receiver. The traditional phase accumulator has been modified to perform modulus 2<sup>N</sup>-1 accumulation. This modification provides fine frequency tuning capabilities using a very small(More)
An FPGA-based real-time signal processing unit has been developed to perform Doppler processing in a high resolution CWLFM (continuous wave linear frequency modulated) millimeter-wave radar demonstrator. The article focuses on the strategies followed in order to achieve the required throughput as well as on the measures taken to guarantee coherency. Doppler(More)
The great advantages arisen in millimeter-wave frequencies have made possible the development of high range resolution radars. The capability of using high bandwidths (Gigahertzs) increases the range resolution allowing the obtaining of target's radar signatures. Through these signatures some patterns of the targets can be extracted like its size, velocity(More)
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