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ERPs elicited by photographs of unfamiliar faces were shown to be predictive for their later recognition. We established that these ERP differences were unrelated to fluctuations of attention or other non-specific factors during perceptual processing. Therefore they may be interpreted as manifestations of brain processes that correlate with memory encoding.(More)
Expectancy has been used to explain the effects of stimulus sequences both on reaction times (RTs) and on the P300 component of the human event-related potential. However, there are conflicting views about the control obtainable over these underlying expectancies. We compared the effects of voluntary expectancies for stimulus changes or repetitions in(More)
A neglected topic in metamemory research is the ability of subjects to predict their own recognition performance for faces. We investigated whether subjects can make such judgments of learning (JOL) for unfamiliar faces and whether JOLs relate to facial distinctiveness, a powerful determinant of face recognition. One group of subjects made JOLs, and a(More)
The effects of conscious expectancies and attention on event-related potentials (ERP) and choice reaction times (RT) and their modulation by stimulus sequence were studied. Subjects retrospectively reported their expectancy of, and attention to, the terminal tones of short series. ERPs and RTs showed the usual sequential effects that were modulated by(More)
BACKGROUND Mucositis is a frequent side-effect of radiotherapy which often causes interruption of therapy and consequently decreases the probability of remission or cure, rhGM-CSF may ameliorate symptoms of mucositis by increasing the immune response via macrophage activation and stimulation of secondary cytokines. PATIENTS AND METHODS 32 patients with(More)
Carbamazepine has been proven to be efficacious in some pati ent s with affective disorders, notably those who have not responded well to lithium ca rbonate or neuro leptics (1,2,3) . For those who have responded poorly to either regimen, however, there have been no effective pharmacotherapies until recently, when case reports have suggested a possible(More)