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High impedance faults (HIFs) on distribution systems create unique challenges for the protection engineer. HIFs that occur do not produce enough fault current to be detectable by conventional overcurrent relays or fuses. This report presents a brief synopsis of what has transpired to date. It is based heavily on the history and application of today's(More)
Design Automation is emerging as a discipline and as such necessitates the development of appropriate curricula within the University environment. It is proposed that this can be achieved within the context of existing syllabi with the objective of producing graduates having an orientation in Design Automation. Some requirements for design automation are(More)
  • J.G. Linders
  • 1989
The author describes the development of a digital road network database for the Region of Waterloo, Ont. from National Topographic Service 1:50000 digital map files. The system was developed for use in conjunction with a positionally based emergency location code assigned to rural properties in the Region, and is being extended to other areas. Real-time(More)
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