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Aromatase activity was determined in small discrete areas of the brain of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus, by a radiometric assay. The fore- and midbrain were divided into eighteen 500-microns transverse sections. From these sections several punches (0.3 mg of tissue) were taken and incubated with [19-3H]-androstenedione. The aromatase activity,(More)
For nations examined, the EROI for oil and gas has declined during recent decades. Lower EROI for oil may be masked by natural gas extracted/used in oil production. The EROI trend for US coal is ambiguous; the EROI for Chinese coal is declining. Renewable energies lack desirable fossil fuel traits, including often higher EROI, but create fewer pollutants.(More)
Non-breeding stickleback males were gonadectomized or sham-operated in winter. Treatment with long photoperiod at high temperature stimulated sexual maturation in control fish. Brains were freeze-sectioned and punches were taken with hollow needles from different diencephalic regions and the punches incubated with [19-3H]-androstenedione. After extraction(More)
The anatomical distribution and endocrine regulation of the estrogen-2-hydroxylase activity were investigated in the brain of adult male and female Japanese quail. Significant levels of enzymatic activity were detected in all brain regions that were studied, but the highest levels were observed in preoptic and hypothalamic brain nuclei that are known to(More)
The changes in reimbursement structure in health care have given rise to a rapidly growing focus on the consumer and this recent increase has been fueled by the advent of the Web. Consumer health information (CHI) systems empower the consumer and aim to improve doctor-patient communication. We present HouseCall, a CHI system. First, this paper reviews how a(More)
This is the first study to show that apoptosis as an immune regulatory mechanism is conserved in fish, demonstrating its importance in maintaining immunological homeostasis. The data further show that this mechanism is subject to control by glucocorticosteroids. Carp plasma cortisol concentrations increase from 20 to 434 ng/ml and cortisone from 5 to 50(More)
Oil has played a crucial role in the United States' continued but increasingly tenuous economic prosperity. The continued availability of cheap, high energy return on investment (EROI) oil, however, is increasingly in doubt. If cheap oil is increasingly constrained, how might that impact the American psychological sense of personal and national well-being?(More)
In postmenopausal women, tibolone shows clear tissue differences in its stimulatory effects on the vagina and uterus. In rats, however, it has stimulatory effects on both tissues, with a different, more estrogenic, effect on the uterus than in humans. This may be due to differences in local metabolism. Therefore, in the present study, the metabolism of(More)
The 19-nor-progestogen norethisterone is used as a progestogen component in contraceptives and in continuous- and sequential combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in postmenopausal women. Metabolism of norethisterone in HRT target tissues may play a role in its biological response. The aim of this study was to investigate which steroid-metabolizing(More)
After ovulation, female African catfish are strongly attracted by the odor of male conspecifics. This attraction depends on the presence of the seminal vesicle, a part of the male reproductive organs. Removal of the seminal vesicle illustrates this fact. A low dose of seminal vesicle fluid, added to the water, appears to be highly attractive for catfish(More)