J G López-Cortés

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A new series of ferrocenyl selenoamides 7-11 (FcSeNH(CH(2))(n)CH(2)(R)OH, n = 1, 2, 3, R = H, Me, Ph) were prepared in good yields by selenative demetalation of Fischer aminocarbene complexes. The(More)
This paper describes a tandem strategy to synthesize a series of new Fischer carbene complexes [(CO)(4)M=C[N-(CH(2))(4)-]CH=C(NRR')(SR'); M = Cr, W; R = Ar, R' = Me, -(CH(2))(2)-] with a thioimide or(More)
We report the synthesis of new copper(I) complexes 6a-e from methyl 3-hydroxy-3-(p-R-phenyl)-2-propenedithioate ligands. These complexes were characterized by IR and 1H, 13C, and 31P NMR(More)
The paper describes the synthesis and structural characterization of four novel copper(I) complexes [CuL(PPh(3))(2)] (L = 3-hydroxy-3-(p-R-phenyl)-2-propenedithioate). In addition, a tautomeric(More)
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