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This article reports on an experiment examining some perceptual consequences of correspondences between accent patterns, the distribution of plus and minus focus, and the distribution of new and given information in Dutch spoken sentences. "Accent patterns" refer here to the distribution of intonational accents over spoken sentences. Each accent marks a(More)
The Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL) has a long-standing tradition in corpus-based lexicography. The results include electronic scholarly dictionaries of Dutch covering the vocabulary from 1200 up to 1976, linguistically annotated electronic text corpora of historical and present-day Dutch, and computational lexica. Added value to these data is given in(More)
We discuss the activities towards the development of the retrieval application of the Dutch PAROLE Corpus. Compared to the other corpora developed by INL, the PAROLE Corpus has been encoded with more extended types of metadata, conformant to the TEI standard for text encoding. A search engine and a web-based user interface, both newly developed by INL,(More)
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