J. G. Krishnayya

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This book is written primarily as a guide to industrial higher management and to Information Officers in large industrial corporations. It is also intended to be used as a graduate text in courses in Information Systems/Services and in industrial special librarianship. It largely succeeds in these objectives but may not be of much utility to persons working(More)
During the past year publications by members of this group have ranged from certain aspects of applied mathematics1-4 to certain problems of instrumentation5; most of our work has, however, been experimental in character and has reflected our predominant concern with those aspects of the electrical activity of the nervous system which relate to sensory(More)
The North-Holland Publishing Company offers a free copy of their Computer Publications Survey 1983. This 112 page booklet contains summaries of about 180 books and 34 journals. For a free copy write to North-Holland Publishing Company, Attn. Mr. J. Dirtmaat, P.O. Box 1991, 1000 BZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
We have measured the precision of listeners in judging the relative position of a lateralized binaural stimulus with respect to a centered binaural stimulus. The stimuli were clicks produced by applying 100-4sec rectangular voltage pulses to PDR-10 earphones. The centered stimulus was a train of 15 clicks at a rate of 10 per second with zero interaural(More)
Our basic objective is a better understanding of the communication senses. Hearing, in particular, will continue to receive our major attention. A number of experimental studies are aimed at increasing our knowledge of the neural coding of sensory stimuli. These include: recording from single nerve cells located in the accessory olive of the cat under(More)
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