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This paper presents a comprehensive analysis and design of electromagnetically coupled corner-series-fed antenna arrays. A theoretical modeling approach is used to estimate the required coupling level and the amplitude distribution across the radiating elements. The 4x1 antenna array has been designed with the use of Arlon copper- cladded foam, manufactured(More)
  • J G Hallatt
  • American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
  • 1976
Seventy cases of ectopic pregnancy associated with an IUD comprised 10% of all ectopics in a 9 year period. This increased to 15% in the last 19 months as more IUD's were in use. In two thirds of the ectopics the IUD had been in situ more than 1 year. Unusual bleeding and cramping attributed to the IUD obscured the diagnosis and resulted in removal or(More)
Ovarian hemorrhage from the corpus luteum of menstruation or pregnancy can be a life-threatening surgical condition which occurs at all stages of a woman's reproductive life. A corpus luteum cyst predisposes to rupture. There may be a delay of menses. Pregnancy increases the risk of rupture, and there is an increased risk of abortion and ectopic pregnancy.(More)
Early abdominal pregnancy is self-limited by hemorrhage from trophoblastic invasion, with complete abortion of the gestational sac that leaves a discrete crater which is sometimes difficult to identify. Advanced abdominal pregnancy survives the hemorrhage of trophoblastic invasion and partial tubal abortion and implants secondarily in the first trimester on(More)
This paper presents a novel concept of a reconfigurable antenna operating in K band for applications in Doppler motion sensors. A novel concept of a low-cost filter-type microwave switch with PIN diodes has been proposed in which high-parasitic PIN diodes not normally destined for operation in 24 GHz frequency band are successfully used.
  • J G Hallatt
  • Transactions of the Pacific Coast Obstetrical and…
  • 1974
In a study of 1,330 ectopic pregnancies, 123 (9 per cent) patients experienced repeat tubal pregnancies. Of these 123 patients with repeat ectopics, 96 (78 per cent) were surgically sterilized with their second operative procedure. The remaining 27 potentially fertile patients have had nine pregnancies, but only three living children. Cornual wedge(More)