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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of a transdermal testosterone patch (TTP, 300 microg/day) in naturally menopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). METHODS A total of 272 naturally menopausal women, predominantly not using hormone therapy, were randomized in this 6-month, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicenter study(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate menopausal symptoms and quality of life in middle-aged women. STUDY DESIGN Hospital-based, cross-sectional study. METHODS A survey was conducted among 270 women aged 45-65 years who attended the gynecological and menopause clinic, Songklanagarind Hospital. We used the MENQOL questionnaire as the instrument. RESULTS The average(More)
Despite the proven efficacy of Electroconvulsive Therapy [ECT], negative attitudes occur in some patients towards its use. However, research into attitudes of patients and public towards ECT, and the influence of the media on these attitudes, is limited and often contradictory. The aims of this study were: to develop a self-administered questionnaire to(More)
Ultraviolet absorption measurements and laser excitation spectroscopy in the vicinity of 248 nm provide compelling evidence for linkages between the oxygen deficiency center (ODC) and rare earth concentrations in Yb and Er-doped glass optical fibers. Investigations of YAG-derived and solution-doped glass fibers are described. For both Yb and Er-doped(More)
AIM To investigate the menopausal experience of Arabic women living in Sydney and to explore the relationship between the psychosomatic symptoms and various sociodemographic factors. METHOD A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 197 Arabic women aged 45-65 years. The Menopause-specific Quality of Life (MENQOL) questionnaire was used to collect(More)
Thermal injury, a potential mechanism of ultrasound-induced lung hemorrhage, was studied by comparing lesions induced by an infrared laser (a tissue-heating source) with those induced by pulsed ultrasound. A 600-mW continuous-wave CO2 laser (wavelength approximately 10.6 microm) was focused (680-microm beamwidth) on the surface of the lungs of rats for a(More)
Microdischarge devices having inverted, square pyramidal cathodes as small as 50 mm350 mm at the base and 35 mm in depth, have been fabricated in silicon and operated at gas pressures up to 1200 Torr. For the polyimide dielectric incorporated into these devices («r52.9), the discharges produced exhibit high differential resistance (;2310 V in Ne!, ignition(More)
Utilizing a tunable photonic crystal resonant reflector as a mirror of an external cavity laser cavity, we demonstrate a new type of label-free optical biosensor that achieves a high quality factor through the process of stimulated emission, while at the same time providing high sensitivity and large dynamic range. The photonic crystal is fabricated(More)