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In this study we derive a semi-linear Elliptic Partial Differential Equation (PDE) problem that models the static (zero voltage) behavior of a Josephson window jUllction. Iterative methods for solving this problem are proposed, analyzed and their convergence analysis is presented. The preliminary computational results that are given, show the modeling power(More)
We consider the propagation of extremely short pulses through a di-electric thin film containing resonant atoms (two level atoms) with permanent dipole. Assuming that the film width is less than the field wave length, we can solve the wave equation and reduce the problem to a system of generalized Bloch equations describing the resonant atoms. We compute(More)
We consider the modes of the electric field of a cavity where there is an embedded polarized dielectric film. The model consists in the Maxwell equations coupled to a Duffing oscillator for the film which we assume infinitely thin. We derive the normal modes of the system and show that they are orthogonal with a special scalar product which we introduce.(More)
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