J G Aucélio

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The three major types of opioid binding sites exhibited differential sensitivity to inactivation by ultraviolet irradiation. The order of sensitivity was delta greater than mu greater than kappa. Two separate rates of inactivation by U.V. light were observed for each type, an initial fast rate and a secondary slow rate. Addition of EDTA or EGTA to the(More)
The inhibitory effect of ketamine on the agonist-induced contraction of isolated rat uteri was compared with that of papaverine and verapamil. Under similar experimental conditions papaverine and verapamil were found to be more potent than ketamine. When preparations were preincubated for 20 min with either ketamine (3 X 10(-5) to 10(-3) M) or papaverine(More)
The influence of treatment with estradiol and progesterone, was studied on the contractions induced in immature dog uteri by histamine, acetylcholine, oxytocin and barium chloride, in vitro. Two parameters were measured from dose-response curves: rho and pD2. It was observed that although pD2 values were slightly affected by hormonal treatment, the values(More)
We compared the characteristics of Ca2+ pools involved in the contractile effect of acetylcholine (Ach), histamine (Hist), oxytocin (Oxy) and barium (Ba2+) in prepuberal untreated or estrogen plus progesterone dominated uteri. After Ca2+ (0.2 mM) withdrawal different rates of decay for cited agonists were observed. If Ca2+ concentration was increased to 2.0(More)
The influence of androgen treatment during the neonatal period on the contractions induced in dog uteri by acetylcholine, oxytocin, histamine and barium chloride was studied in vitro. An increase in the sensitivity of preparations was observed to acetylcholine and oxytocin, represented by leftward shifts in the ED50 values of these agonists. On the other(More)
1. Through the relative responsiveness (rho) determined for histamine (Hist), oxytocin (Oxy) and acetylcholine (Ach) in prepuberal untreated, estrogen, and estrogen plus progesterone dominated uteri of mouse, it was possible to measure the capability of each receptor system, which mediates responses induced by these agonists. 2. In all cases values of rho(More)