J. G. Álvarez. González

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In this paper, we evaluated how well-selected distance-dependent and distance-independent competition indices explain individual tree basal area growth of trees, growing in mature and even-aged stands of Pinus cooperi Blanco. A total of 18 competition measures were analyzed of which six do not need tree location (distance-independent) and 12 that utilize(More)
W e have measured magnetization versus temperature in the temperature interval 2-200 K, for amorphous alloys of the three different compositions: Fe81 -5B14.5Si4, FeqgNi38MoqB18 and C O ~ O F ~ ~ N ~ ~ M O ~ B S S ~ ~ ~ . The measurements Were performed by means of a SQUID magnetometer. A powerful data analysis technique based on successive minimization(More)
The remanence configurations and magnetization reversal processes of square arrays of circular antidots lithographed in thin Fe films are analyzed on the framework of a micromagnetic model as a function of the antidot diameter and interantidot distance. From our simulation results, we conclude that the remanence and the global reversal process are(More)
We have developed a method using a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) polymeric sensor to monitor the leg movements of cockroaches. The PVDF sensor was coated with gold as electrodes. It was attached to the leg of a roach. The voltage signals generated through bending directly correlate to the movement of the legs. It was found that the output voltage was a(More)
l'he demonstration of large soft x-ray a~nplification in a discharge-created plasma has opened a new patfito the development of compact and practical soft x-ray lasers. We review our progress in the development and study of these ultrashort wavelenglh lams. The field has advanced from the fust observation of large amplificatiod in a discharge-created plasma(More)
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