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The present study sought to determine the spectrum of diseases associated with subnormal concentrations of serum cobalamin in cats undergoing investigation of suspected gastrointestinal problems. The solid-phase boil radioassay (RA) for cobalamin employed in the present study was immunologically specific, precise, and accurate, with a sensitivity of 15(More)
BACKGROUND A case of congenital hypothyroidism with goiter (CHG) in a juvenile French bulldog was identified and hypothesized to be caused by dyshormonogenesis of genetic etiology. OBJECTIVES To describe case management, unusual phenotypic aspects, and a CHG-causing mutation in a French bulldog. ANIMALS Thyroid tissue and blood from a CHG-affected(More)
BACKGROUND Selective intestinal cobalamin malabsorption with mild proteinuria (Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome; I-GS), is an autosomal recessive disorder of dogs caused by mutations in AMN or CUBN that disrupt cubam function and which can present as a medical emergency. OBJECTIVES To describe the clinical, metabolic, and genetic bases of I-GS in Beagles. (More)
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