J Funesti-Esch

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CONTEXT Understanding why some terminally ill patients desire a hastened death has become an important issue in palliative care and the debate regarding legalization of assisted suicide. OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of desire for hastened death among terminally ill cancer patients and to identify factors corresponding to desire for hastened death.(More)
OBJECTIVE As physician-assisted suicide is debated, a need for standardized measurement of desire for death among medically ill individuals has emerged. The authors present preliminary validation data for a new self-report instrument, the Schedule of Attitudes Toward Hastened Death. METHOD The participants were 195 patients with HIV/AIDS from two sites:(More)
BACKGROUND Fatigue is a commonly encountered symptom of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease, associated with significant psychological and functional morbidity and poor quality of life. Preliminary studies on the treatment of fatigue from the cancer and multiple sclerosis literature suggest that psychostimulants may be effective in reducing fatigue.(More)
BACKGROUND The authors examined the reliability and validity of the Schedule of Attitudes toward Hastened Death (SAHD), a self-report measure of desire for death previously validated in a population of individuals with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), among terminally ill patients with cancer. METHODS The authors interviewed 92 terminally(More)
A number of studies have demonstrated that pain is dramatically undertreated among patients with AIDS and that opioids in particular are rarely prescribed. To date, however, there has been no systematic attempt to examine patient-related barriers to the management of pain in AIDS. This study examines potential patient-related barriers to pain management in(More)
Concerns are often raised regarding the credibility of patients' report of pain and this concern is heightened among individuals with AIDS, where many patients have a history of injection drug use. This study compared the pain experience, adequacy of pain management and psychological well-being among patients with AIDS who reported a history of injection(More)
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