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Supernatants from concanavalin A-induced mouse spleen cells contain soluble factors which: 1) augment the anti-sheep erythrocyte hemolytic plaque-forming cell response of nude mouse spleen cells, 2) facilitate the generation of antigen-specific cytotoxic cells by alloantigen-stimulated thymocytes, and 3) enhance the mitogenic response of thymocytes in the(More)
Human mixed leukocyte supernatants contain thymocyte proliferative activity (TPA) and a low m.w. helper factor, designated HP-1, which is capable of partially restoring the antibody response of T-cell-deficient adherent murine spleen cells to the thymic-dependent antigen, SRC. TPA and HP-1 appear to have a comparable m.w. (14,000 to 14,500 daltons) by(More)
Studies were conducted on the mechanism of action of a soluble mediator which was generated in human mixed lymphocyte cultures and assayed for helper activity in T cell-deficient murine spleen cell cultures. The mediator, termed xenogeneic reconstitution factor or XFR, restored the anti-sheep erythrocyte plaque-forming cell response of spleen cells from(More)
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