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  • J. Fry
  • 2006
This paper deals with information needs, seeking, searching, and uses within scholarly communities by introducing theory from the field of science and technology studies. In particular it contributes to the domain-analytic approach in information science by showing that WhitleyÕs theory of Ômutual dependenceÕ and Ôtask uncertaintyÕ can be used as an(More)
Both the Campaign for Real Ale and the Society of Independent Brewers hold that barriers to market access disadvantage small brewers in the UK. This leads naturally to consideration of whether the Internet can provide small breweries with a means of bypassing the distribution channels controlled by the major breweries, the pubcos, the supermarkets and the(More)
The seemingly relentless growth in air traffic and the introduction of commercial and private models of airport ownership has changed the scope and significance of performance measurement for airport management, regulators and stakeholders. The object of this paper is to report the findings of a questionnaire survey which examined the nature and prevalence(More)
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