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Brook Gale Feast for comments. Heidhues thanks the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for financial support through SFB/TR 15. Kirch-steiger thanks the Banque Nationale de Belgique for financial support. Riedel thanks the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for financial support through grant Ri–1128–3–1 and Universities Paris I and IX for their hospitality and(More)
We report and characterize anomalous orbital-energy changes observed during six Earth flybys by the Galileo, NEAR, Cassini, Rosetta, and MESSENGER spacecraft. These anomalous energy changes are consistent with an empirical prediction formula which is proportional to the total orbital energy per unit mass and which involves the incoming and outgoing(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to determine whether cardiovascular magnetic resonance measures of gadolinium (Gd) signal intensity (SI) within the left ventricular myocardium are associated with future changes in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) after receipt of doxorubicin (DOX). METHODS AND RESULTS Forty Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into 3 groups(More)
UNLABELLED Carefully selected pediatric patients undergo hemispherectomy (HS) for treatment of refractory epilepsy. HS is associated with a mortality rate of 0-6.6% across studies, mostly due to acute hemorrhage. The purpose of this study was to evaluate in-hospital mortality and predictors of the need for blood transfusion during HS in a large, nationwide(More)
The present investigation was undertaken to determine whether the Ricketts theory of arcial growth of the mandible can be put to practical use by the clinician to predict mandibular morphology. Eight subjects (six girls and two boys) were selected from the earliest implant samples at the Orthodontic Department of Emory University School of Dentistry. The(More)
This paper studies a general equilibrium model with multiple stages of production and asynchronized price setting that provides a new explanation for the observed persistent real effects of monetary shocks. The key feature of the model is a vertical chain-of-production structure. In this model, the effects of monetary shocks on price adjustment are(More)
Introduction: The future robotic and human exploration of Mars will rely heavily on mobile system to meet exploration objectives. In particular, the next decade of exploration (2009-2020) will utilize rovers and other mobile surface platforms to conduct a wide variety of tasks, including in the search for water and life, characterization of terrain and its(More)
The Solar System Odyssey mission uses modern-day high-precision experimental techniques to test the laws of fundamental physics which determine dynamics in the solar system. It could lead to major discoveries by using demonstrated technologies and could be flown within the Cosmic Vision time frame. The mission proposes to perform a set of precision(More)
While some of the questions about Mars has been answered after about 40 years of exploration, many still remain. This paper looks back at what we have learned so far about Mars and then looks ahead at the missions planned, technologies needed, and further science clues sought through either robotic or human exploration