J Flaskos

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The aim of this work was to investigate the sublethal neuropathic effects of tricresyl phosphate (TCP: mixed isomers), triorthocresyl phosphate (TO:CP) and triparacresyl phosphate (TP:CP) on differentiating mouse N2a neuroblastoma cells. This was achieved by a combination of measurements of cell viability, axon outgrowth and the levels of cytoskeletal(More)
Tricresyl phosphate (1 microg/ml) inhibited the outgrowth of axon-like processes in mouse N2a neuroblastoma and rat PC12 pheochromocytoma cell lines induced to differentiate by serum withdrawal and nerve growth factor addition, respectively. By contrast, it had no effect on the outgrowth of processes by rat C6 glioma cells induced to differentiate with(More)
Platelet MAO activity and platelet serotonin uptake were determined in 20 agoraphobic and 16 neurotic depressive out-patients, and 19 healthy volunteers. Agoraphobic patients were characterised by significantly higher mean values of platelet MAO activity compared with the other two groups, while neurotic depressive patients exhibited significantly higher(More)
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