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Most inherently distributed systems require self diagnosis and on-line monitoring. This is especially true in the domains of power transmission and mobile communication. Much effort has been expended in developing on-site monitoring systems for distributed power transformers and mobile communication base stations. In this paper, a new approach has been(More)
1. Bursts of spike activity in the ventral nerve cord of the cockroach were elicited by mechanically stimulating the cercal organs. 2. In the presence of micromolar proctolin, the peak frequency and the duration of a burst were slowly but significantly increased. 3. In contrast, carbachol produced an immediate enhancement of spontaneous activity, but a(More)
Sandbanks are marine habitats of conservation importance under the EU Habitats Directive. These habitats are becoming subject to impacts of several human activities including fishing, aggregation extraction, and construction of offshore wind farms that may have detrimental effects on their structure and functioning. We characterised and compared the(More)
  • Banerjee A, Burlina P, +61 authors Dennis Ml
  • 2008
281 Miscellanea PUBLICATIONS APL staff members were authors or co-authors of the following unclassi-fied books and technical articles that were recently published: A support vector method for anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery, Development of a physical human surrogate torso model for ballistic impact and blast, Development of synthetic cortical(More)
Analogs of ceramide which inhibit galactocerebrosidase also demyelinate or inhibit myelination in organ cultures of rat cerebellum. The potency of the analogs in culture correlated with their effectiveness as inhibitors of cerebrosidase, but not with their effectiveness as inhibitors of galactosyl transferase. The most effective compound was the decanoyl(More)
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